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The Oil Tree was started 4 years ago.


Humble Begginings

Jerry is a tree surgeon and has always had an enduring love of all trees and still works with them to this day. Having travelled a lot in Greece and falling in love with the country Jerry decided that he would like to try to live there. After spotting an ad in the Sunday Times in 1999, he bought a derelict olive farm in 2000, a surely mammoth task to take on. Over the next few years he restored the trees and the house, bought more land and trees with the intention of trying to make a living from farming and tourism. 

The Farm

The farm is sited in the coastal town of Methoni in the south western Peleponesse region of Greece. It's an area of outstanding beauty and is home to a vibrant olive industry. Tourism is a small but significant part of the local economy. The olive oil and olives of this region are well known for their high quality and are appreciated worldwide. The famous Kalamata olive is regarded as one of the best eating olives available. As well as the Kalamata olives, we also produce delicious Halkidiki green eating olives. Along side the previously mentioned olives we also grow the Koroneiki olive, which is also recognised as one of the best oil producing olives in the world and provides significant health benefits alongside its superb taste. Great news for our customers!

The Idea

The idea for the business was started when Jerry and his wife Lexi moved from Greece to the UK. They bought with them a load of olive oil and olives for their own personal use and for presents. After sharing out their produce amongst friends, they were asked where they could get more.... as oil and olives of this quality prove very hard to find. They realised that there was a good potential market for their produce and decided to see if they could expand the idea on to a retail footing. 

They put the idea forward to their good friend Natassa Kouretta who runs her olive farm close to where Jerry and Lexis farm is sited. They came up with the name and Natassa and they settled on a logo and a brand identity. 


Range Expansion

They decided to include Tapenada in their primary stock as this could be made from their eating olives. They put an order in with Natassa and booked a Christmas event at the Octagon Barn in Norwich for their first event and were most pleasantly surprised when they sold a significant amount of stock. Proof that more people loved their olive oil!


Serious Progress

They then booked a whole string of food related events and were very well received by the buying public. Since then they have expanded their range to include different flavours of olives and tapenada and included body oil to the range. They have also diversified into sourcing and supplying local Balsamic vinegar and local Honey. 


With Natassa they came up with the name and logo forming The Oil Tree brand identity. After repeated requests from customers they are intending to launch an online shop in the spring of 2020.

Our Range Of Delicious Products

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Olive Oil

(Price: 250ml £6, 500ml £10, 1ltr £18)


All our extra virgin olive oil is extracted from Koroneiki olives.

These olives are widely considered to produce oil of the finest quality and taste. The oil is made using a state of the art centrifuge which extracts completely pure oil whilst removing excess water and all other unwanted material such as pips etc. Available in bottles 250ml, 500ml and 1ltr. 3ltr is presented in cans.

Black Olive Tapenade

(Price: 135gms £4)


Our black olive tapenade is made from a blend of soft cure Kalamata black olives and our superb extra virgin olive oil. Perfect to accompany a cheese plate or simply spread on bread or toast. Also excellent to cook with. 

Kalamata Black Olives Unpitted

(Price: 200gms £4, 600gms £10)


Kalamata black olives are famous worldwide for their flavour.

Our olives are hand picked and are served in a sharp cure brine, for those who prefer a more tart taste, and a soft cure brine for those who like a more mellow flavour.  Our olives are not pitted as we find that they retain their flavour and crispness much better with the kernels in.

We also offer chopped black olives for cooking and baking.

Available in: 200gms, 600gms

Green Olive Tapenade

(Price: 135gms £4)


The Halkidiki olive provides us with a superb green olive tapenada. This has a superb subtle flavour which, as with the black tapenade, accompanies a wide variety of dishes.

Balsamic Vinegar

(Price: 250ml £4.50)


Our balsamic vinegar is made from Korinthian grapes which are first dried, then fermented before being turned into a base dark vinegar. This is then reduced and aged for 2 years before being bottled. The result is a superb sweet balsamic vinegar bursting with flavour. Perfect to just dip bread into..or mix with our olive oil and honey, plus dried oregano and mustard to make a wonderful dressing. Available in 250ml bottles.

Body Oil

(Price: 200ml £10)


Olive oil has been used for generations as a body oil. We take our superb extra virgin olive oil and blend it with essential oils to make a body oil that not only smells lovely but moisturises and nurtures your skin. Perfect for all over massages, after shower or simply to help keep your hands in good condition. 
Olive oil is used by expectant mothers and is considered a superb method to help with stretch marks

We offer two blends.

Our Bergamot blend includes cardamom and citrus oils.

This provides a superb smelling body oil.

We also offer a pelargonium blend also with cardammon and citrus. Available in 200ml bottles.

Olive Oil Can

(Price: 250ml £6, 500ml £10, 1ltr £18, 3ltr £45)


All our extra virgin olive oil is extracted from Koroneiki olives.

These olives are widely considered to produce oil of the finest quality and taste. The oil is made using a state of the art centrifuge which extracts completely pure oil whilst removing excess water and all other unwanted material such as pips etc.

Halkidikis Green Olives Unpitted

(Price: 200gms £4, 600gms £10)


Halkidikis green olives offer a lovely creamy taste and a crisp flesh. We offer these in a soft cure brine and a salty brine. They are perfect to eat alone or to accompany a wide range of dishes. As with the black olives, we offer these chopped as another serving option.  

Available in: 200gms, 600gms

Local Greek Honey

(Price: 250gms £4.50)


Greek Honey is famous world wide for its purity and taste. Our local beekeeper places his hives in all the local olive groves. This helps with the pollination of the olive trees and in return provides us with a superb tasting honey.

The bees also collect the pollen from a wide variety of  wild flowers and particularly from the wild sage and thyme that grows all over the region.  This results in a pure delicious honey with lovely wild herb notes.

Olive Barrels

(Price: 2kg £25)


Enjoy 2kg of either Black Kalamata olives or Green Halkidiki olives.

Olive Barrels (Chopped)

(Price: 2kg £25)


2kg of either Green or Black olives chopped for catering.

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